We Support Founders on Their Journey To Building The Next Big Thing

What We Do

At EZVentures, we are a venture studio. We work with daring founders to co-build businesses and startups and set them on their path to being the next big thing.

Our Partners & Features

3 Ways We Can Support Your Innovative Ideas

Strategy Support

Through our Advisory arm, we market research, provide growth consulting, growth tactics, industry connection, time to time product strategy review and other key offerings to fuel your growth.

Funding Support

Quit the rate race of looking for investors. We will create your pitch deck, work on valuation, work on all legal documents and source the right funding appointees for your bright idea then chase it till it’s a success. While you focus on the most important things.

Administrative Support

We provide support around Accounting, HR, Legal, Compliance etc.

See Our Portfolio

With a passion to help build and craft the next technologies frontiers, Bold Exponents is helping daring businesses, startups and large corporates implement their ground technology-driven enhancements

Phlyter.com is the world’s biggest growth, marketing and sales talent accelerator. This venture is filling the rising shortage of growth talent

ThebusinessHQ is a space where the burden of  business owners can be shared, helping small businesses, startup and large corporates to ensure that they get all different kind of offers or product that would give their business the kind  growth needed.

The oluwamayowaOS  is a brand that  specializes in providing comprehensive training, courses, and one-on-one sessions tailored to business owners seeking to enhance their knowledge and drive sales growth. They help to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and insights needed to thrive


Glam-ma-in-tech offers specialized training for older adults, equipping them with essential tech skills for everyday life or career transitions. Join us as we learn to grow with the digital age and embrace technology with confidence.

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EZVentures is a venture studio with a difference. We build with you, grow with you and put all hands on deck for your scale.