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Ideas rule the world! Every big corporation, business or entity started with just an idea. However, ideas without great implementation is a joke. 

We built this Idea Hub for you to find cofounders to birth your innovative ideas with. 

Companies That Have Emerged From This Idea Hub


How It Works


Fill The Form To Share Your Idea

Find the Google form in the button below.


Copy & Keep The Link of Your Idea Entry

When you submit, copy the submission link so you can edit much latter


Wait For Someone Interested To Contact You

All the ideas entered are put the sheet in the next section of this page.


Confirm & Edit Status

When you find a cofounder, you edit the status (through the link of your entry submission) to mention you found who you are looking for.

See The Ideas Submitted So Far

Need Further Support With Building Your Idea?

Here are ways we can help:

Idea To Market Program

Join a 15-day bootcamp to join other founders to put some real work behind your idea and get it ready for the market. 


At EZVentures, we join you as a second or third cofounder, taking up any (or all of ) Growth strategy & Research, Corporate Governance, Web and software development, HR, Project Management etc. 


Not willing to giving any % ownership in your startup, but rather want to pay for growth services in cash, then speak to our Advisory team. 

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