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EZAdvisory is having a 3-week hands-on business accelerator program designed for Founders, senior executives, business managers, and anyone desiring to turn their businesses into bigger ventures.

Unique Selling Point

  • At the end participants will understand what’s working
  • Replan their business for scale.
  • Prepare their business to raise funds.
  • Put their business on a path to their first $1M

How much you can earn when you refer someone here

  • Get instant #1000, when you get in a solo founder registered, #2000 when you get in founders with two managers
  • When you refer up to 20 people, you immediately qualify for our star prize of an iphone

Get A Diploma In Business / Product Marketing & Growth In 5 Months

#EZGrowthSchool is helping ordinary people become highly sort after growth and business marketing talent for $0. Meaning, these people only pay the tuition when they have gotten a job. How cool is that? They only need to pay a registration fee which also covers a training pack that will be sent to their physical location.

Unique Selling Pont: 

  • It’s fully online, hence anyone can take this from anywhere
  • They only need 15 – 20 hours weekly, which means they can do this while doing other things (whether working on a job or schooling)
  • It’s risk-free, if they don’t get a job, they don’t get to worry about paying back the tuition, 
  • #EZGrowthSchool has produced a lot of giants in the past.

How Much You Earn When You Refer Someone Here:

  1. You earn an instant N1,000 commission when a student pays their school registration fees, remember they pay a registration fee, but tuition is free for now (your cumulative commission is paid every Friday)
  2. When you refer up to 20 people, you immediately qualify for our star prize of  an iPhone

DABGS: Business Coaching For The Price Of A Good Meal

Small Businesses face a lot of challenges, from marketing, to logistics, to staff managment and more. Most of these businesses just suffer in silence since they can’t afford getting the right help they need. DABGS.com has created a business coaching an support for small businesses.

Unique Selling Point:
  1. Businesses now have access to a business coaching and growth support service in their hands
  2. It’s the most affordable business coaching any business will find.
  3. They get a 48 hours free trial to see what is inside.
How Much You Earn When You Refer Someone Here:
  1. For everyone that buys a subscription after their 48 hours free trial you get N1,000 commission (your cumulative commission is paid every Friday)
  2. When you refer up to 20 people, you immediately qualify for our star prize of  an iPhone

Get a Business Growth Review From N5,0000 / $10

EZAdvisory is a consulting company helping companies and startups scale their customers. This service has been created to help any business both big and small to review their business, see what gap is making them stay stagnant and then make clear what they need to achieve growth in their business. 

Unique Selling Pont: 

  • Everyone says Data is the new oil, but not so many businesses are extracting their oil.
  • Every business needs a fresh review of their business to know what to do next, this simply helps them with that.
  • It’s a cheap and affordable service to get any business started with analysing their business and knowing what to do next.
How Much You Earn When You Refer Someone Here:
  • Each business growth review cost N5,000, there are five (5) separate ones covering key business areas. On average, a business owner gets for 2 business areas, you earn N500 for each one gotten, that’s N1,000 if a typical business owner gets 2. (Your cumulative commission is paid every Friday)
  • When you refer up to 20 people, you immediately qualify for our star prize of  an iPhone

Not Sure What #EZInfluencer is about?

How Will I Track How Much I am Earning Per Time ?

We have created a smooth dashboard that helps you track the number of impressions and click you are getting with the outreach, also how many people are purchasing and how much you are earning.

It looks like this.

Here Is How To Signup & Get Started:

STEP 1: Register on our affiliate platform. It’s a simple form.

STEP 2: When you submit, and your application is approved. Your dashboard will look like this.

STEP 3: Simply copy your referral URL and start sharing.



How Do I Measure?

That’s quite easy, you just need to click on the statistic section of the dashboard and boom, you see it all there.

You can see the Campaign we created above right there. That means you know the campaign outreach bringing in the result. Converted means, purchased.

Is This A Multi Level Marketing or Something?

Nope!. This is an opportunity for you to share in our social impact story and not just for free. Of course, we want to create a source of income for you as well.

Instead of paying Facebook and Google for advertisements, we want to empower those who are ready to make a change. 

How We Make It Easy For You To Refer People

  1. When you share, the website tracks the person for at least 7 days, which that means, if they don’t buy right away, you still stand a chance to get the reward when they come back to the website to purchase.

  2. We will be running a massive Facebook remarketing ad to ensure they come back.

So, that means, all you have to do is to share, we will try to remind them to ensure they buy.

For any other questions or inquiries, please click on the Whatsapp Icon to talk to one of our representatives, we will be happy to help.

FOR EXPERTS ONLY: If you want to create a separate URL for each channel you are sharing, the URL generator allows you to do that. i.e you can create a separate URL as you please.  To do that:

  1. Put a campaign name, 
  2. Click on generate URL 
  3. And then copy the URL.
This simply just let you know which main URL is bringing more referral and sales for you.


Got any inquiry, press information or just want to find out what we are up to lately, we are just an email away.

Our Locations:

HQ: Akinyemi Street, Oni & Sons, Ring Road, Ibadan.
Center 1:  Yaba, Lagos

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