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A business growth management capacity development program by Equilibrium Zone

Be The Next Transformation Professional

The heart of what we do at Equilibrium Zone (EZ) is solving complex problems and creating a transformation roadmap for innovative companies. Through this Fellowship, we want to equip the next set of transformers who will help businesses unlock their true potential and put them on their upward growth trajectory. 

This remote fellowship is a rigorous 4-month program that is a combination of intense learning and hands-on experience created for all aspiring Young Product Marketing Manager, Social Media & Community Manager, Paid ads and performance marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Business development Manager

Take on assigned learning drills (which is a mix of courses & practical tasks).

Take on assigned real-life project experience and briefs.

Get mentorship from top tier analysts and consultants.

See Our Focus Track For This Cohort

Product Marketing

Are you passionate about creation and distribution of promotional campaigns for key products? Or passionate about taking ownership of the positioning, messaging, and branding of a product.

Key learning: Basics of product target audience, in-depth knowledge of relevant product features, marketing & sales, customer relations.

Social Media & Community Management

Are you passionate about content creation? Or passionate about how the intersection of marketing campaigns, sales, brand promotions are delivered to drive growth for businesses and ventures?

Are you looking to acquire all essential knowledge to become a future social media manager for a business, venture or startup? Then this track is for you.

Key learning: how to create and manage brand promotions, marketing campaigns, how to monitor and measure the social media presence of a product, brand or individual. Content creation and constantly innovating to push new ideas and formats and measuring how well those ideas perform

Paid ads and performance marketing

Are you interested in Paid Ads and Performance Marketing Management? Do you have an analytical mindset. Are you passionate about being an expert in building revenue, traffic and an audience using paid advertising methods? 

Key learning: How to use Google Ads, Email marketing, Social media marketing. Management of digital accounts and diversifying the channel mix using paid social channels. How to create marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

Are you interested in Content Marketing Management? Do you want to be strategically creative? Are you passionate about being an expert in creating brand awareness content?

A content marketing manager oversees the development, distribution, and strategic efforts of creating messaging to inform and delight audiences. 

Key learning: gaining knowledge on digital marketing software, tools, and methods with a focus on content and SEO, project management. How to increase web traffic and brand awareness content. How to measure the results of marketing activity.

Business Development Management

A business development manager ensures a deal is being executed till the final stage between the company and the client. An effective Business Development Manager will have the skills needed to build long-standing and successful relationships with key clients. 

Are you passionate about how businesses are managed? Or passionate about how the intersection of marketing, sales, project management and company policies are delivered to drive growth for businesses and ventures? 

Are you looking to acquire all essential knowledge to become a future manager for a business, venture or startup? Then this track is for you.

Key learning: Business to clients communication skills, Marketing and sales, Understanding company policies, Business operation, how to build long-standing relationships with clients, Customer service skills.

Fellowship Requirement

Prerequisite engagement that communicates deep interest in chosen track (e.g. a short course, a volunteer activity etc).

Ability to commit normal daily work hours (9AM - 5PM).

A working computer.

A stable internet connection.

Lots of self-leadership & self-motivation.

Fellowship Promise

Good and sound experiential knowledge.

Real-life project experience.

Mentorship by industry expert.

Access to paid courses.

Program completion certificate.

Paid Internship After Program For Excelling Fellows

Job placement recommendation.

Where Our Mentors Work

Ready to get started?

Application Opens: 29th June 2023 – 5rd July,2023
Interviews & Admissions: 6th – 8th July,2023
2 Months Intense Experience Commences: 10th July, 2023
Program Ends: September 2023
Internship / Job Placement: During the fellowship program


There is a section in the application form to apply for a scholarship.

We will let you know when the admission decision is made.

It’s a 4 months course program

Unfortunately you can’t. You really can’t engage in the program while you have other ‘full-time’ engagements as this program with the apprentice style of knowledge sharing.

We are looking for vibrant and self-driven youths who are willing to challenge the status quo. We are looking for fast thinkers and people who have a flair for research. We have a preference for young applicants who are in the early or mid-stage of career.

No, this program is FULLY VIRTUAL!

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