Equilibrium Zone


Next Venture Builder Fellowship

The heart of what we do at Equilibrium Zone (EZ) is solving complex problems and creating a transformation roadmap for innovative companies. Through this Fellowship, we want to equip the next set of transformers who will help businesses unlock their true potentials and put them on their upward growth trajectory.

This remote fellowship is a rigorous 4 month program that is a combination of intense learning and nerve-wracking hands-on project experience created for all aspiring Business Analysts and Management Consultants.

Idea To Market

Join us for 2 weeks and let’s work with you to take your business/startup/NGO idea into market! Literally.

Founders Retreat 2022

This retreat is put together for founders who are looking to explore the business environment of ZA while having a nice chilled time away from their hustle and bustle. 


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HQ: 3, Oni & Sons, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.
T: +2349014353499

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